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HP stuff for sale

(Mods, please forgive me if this is inappropriate for this forum.)

I am preparing to move from Austin to Tennessee in mid- to late-August and, in the interests of both logistics and finance, need to get rid of a ridiculous amount of stuff. Some of these items are HP related.

I have three audiobooks on CD - OotP, HBP, and DH - and one on cassette (HBP). All US version, all read by Jim Dale. HBP on CD box has slight cosmetic damage, but all CDs are in perfect working order; OotP, DH, and HBP on cassette all look and sound fabulous. I purchased the three CD collections new for roughly $80 each and the cassette new for about $50; I'm asking $35 for the cassette, $65/ea for the CDs, or $180 for all three CDs.

Additionally, I have three film posters - two from GoF (one 22 1/2" x 34" of Harry alone, another 11" x 16" of trio + champions - I think the little one might've come with the GoF DVD when it was first released, but I honestly can't remember) and one from OotP (22 1/2" x 34" of trio + Ginny, Neville, Luna; captioned "Dumbledore's Army") - little one for $4, larger ones for $7, all three for $15. I'll gladly email pictures if you're interested.

If you are interested in any of these items, please, please send me a PM or email at punim1974 (at) msn (dot) com. I really hate getting rid of any HP stuff, but I need the money very badly for this move.

Cash (preferred) or PayPal ONLY, please. I'm on the south end of town but will gladly meet you in the general metro area if you'd prefer.

Many thanks!